Outbuildings are a fantastic way to add an additional room. Anything from a chill out space, gym, office, party space or multi-use room – the possibilities are endless.

Often in Britain, the back garden can be un-used for large parts of the year. The outbuilding can make brilliant use of the garden and the outbuilding can link the inside with the outside.

If designed sympathetically with the right materials, siting with garden, lighting and hard landscaping, the outbuilding can really improve the aehtethics of the garden.

Many clients I’ve spoken with find an outbuilding as an office, lets them feel like they are going out of the house to work which can really aid concentration.

Permitted Development is usually the best method to achieve planning but a householder application can also work in many instances.


Hill View Road, Claygate

Outbuilding with Mezzanine

Snooker Room, Walton


Sheen Gate Road, East Sheen


Cambridge Road, Hampton

Cambridge road, Hampton
Pitched Roof Gym and Store

Buddah Lounge, Walton


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