2021 Services and Process

Conception to Planning Permission



Measured Survey

Once we have agreed the extent of the project and the client is happy with everything, then the measured survey is carried out. Full measurements of the property and land surrounding the house, internal dimensions, heights and levels, services where appropriate and fully photographic survey.



Measured Survey
Sketch Options
Sketch Options

Existing Drawings and Sketch Options

Existing Site Location Plan, Block Plan, Floor Plans and Elevations

Proposed Options. I draw the clients design idea, variations on the design idea - playing with the room division, the layout and the extent of the work and I draw any other new ideas that I come up with.
I believe it is best to consider all the options at an early stage. Even if the options are disregarded, it is best to explore everything.

Developed Options

Once I have had feedback from the client on the options, i will combine  / mix and match the best elements of each of the options.

If required, i will do variations on the favoured option.

More detailed information on the room sizes, furniture, kitchen layout, bathroom variations etc


Developed sketch options
Developed sketch options
Existing, Proposed and Forms - Submission
Existing, Proposed and Forms - Submission

Final Drawings and Planning Submission & Tracking of Application

Final Plans and final Elevations plus preparation of any required Reports and Design and Access statement

Submission of all documents to the Local Authority

Tracking of the application and any changes as required by the council, during the application.

Detailed Drawings to Completion




Detailed Drawings - Consultants and Pre-start

Meeting to discuss the approved plans. Confirmation that the internal layout is correct. Any tweaks and changes.

Organisation of other necessary Consultants - Structural Engineer,  Party Wall Surveyor, Building Control and discussions with the Contractor

Detailed Drawings - Detailed Information and Specification

Detailed Information produced and scale enlarged.

Sections with setting out heights and detailed plans with full setting out dimensions

Detailed Construction Build-Ups, U-Values, Waterproofing / Finishing details, Specification of finishes, Mechanical and Electrical Information & Construction notes


Detailed Drawings - Final Information for Building Control and Contractor

Decisions made and Information finalised.

Drawings sent to Building control for Full plans compliance checks.

Drawings sent to Contractors for Pricing and in-depth contract discussions.

Contract and On-site Co-ordination

Assistance with contracts and site set-up as required.

On site meetings as needed. From client discussions, sketches, meetings with building control or talks with builders - I am always happy to make visits when they are needed.

I like to be involved with the job right through to snagging and completion.


Example Set of Drawings - Concept to Planning

Each Project is Unique. Location, Planning Laws, Neighbouring buildings, layout requirements, futureproofing, natural light and materials will all be considered to meet the Client's specific wishes.

Download Typical Concept to Planning Drawings

Example Set of Drawings - Construction

Each Project is Unique. Layout finalisation, integration of structural design and any party wall considerations will be met. Everything from Drainage and Services to Finishes and Rooflights will be designed and detailed.

Download Typical Construction Drawings

Planning to Construction


Ground Floor Extension - Prices Ranging from £650 - £3000

Double Floor Extension - Prices Ranging from £800 - £3300

Loft Conversion - Prices Ranging from £700 - £3150

Full House Renovation - Prices Ranging from £950 - £3750

New Build Dwelling  - Prices Ranging from £1500 - £6000

Every single project is different - so please contact with your address and what you are looking to do and I will provide an estimate, plus some examples of similar projects, so you can see what you are getting for your money. 

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