New Dwellings and Conversions

New Dwellings – new builds and Conversions

New Build Dwellings – maximise the space

Conversions – there is often profit to be made converting a single dwelling to multiple dwellings. I have experience working with local authorities. Designs will ensure that obstacles are negotiated.

Basement Conversions to either a new dwelling or additional space

New Dwelling, Virginia Water

New Dwelling

Mitchell Way, Wembley

Extensions and Conversion to Flats

Carlton Road, Leytonstone

Carlton drg
New Build Dwelling

Summerlea Court, Basingstoke

5 New Dwellings

Lavender Road, Dalston

New Basement Dwelling

Iveley Road, Clapham

Single Dwelling in New Basement

Stag Leys, Ashstead

New Build Dwelling

Pratt Street, Camden

Conversion from 1 Dwelling into 3 Units

Mayfield Avenue, Chiswick

Basement below house

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